CFWC Honored Greg Chapman as the Inaugural Recipient of the Gratitude Award at Specialty Whiskey Tasting on Sept. 15, 2022

Specialty Whiskey Tasting


Honors Greg Chapman

We are pleased to honor Greg Chapman as the inaugural recipient of the Gratitude Award from the Community Foundation of Will County

Greg Chapman was raised in Plainfield, attended Plainfield High School, and became a member of the Plainfield Police Department in his early 20s. After obtaining many Pilot Ratings, he left law enforcement to begin his aviation career, overseeing the GTS Aircraft Division for 17 years. He then started his own aviation company with 2 partners, and in 2001 purchased a portion of the Airfone Company, which eventually became Aerotek Design Labs, Inc. Greg and his wife, Dottie personify the definition of giving back to your community. He has served on Boards and Committees throughout his life, including serving as Plainfield’s Police Commissioner, the Bishop’s Episcopacy Committee, the Committee on Investigation (NIC), he is a Certified Lay Servant and a member of the Lay Academy Committee. Greg’s unfailing support of others in his community makes him an excellent inaugural recipient of the Community Foundation of Will County’s Gratitude Award.

The CFWC Gratitude Award recognizes individuals in Will County who exemplify excellence in their town through their generosity, charitable efforts and support.

Greg Chapman

The CFWC is proud to honor Greg Chapman, recipient of our Gratitude Award, while celebrating another year of advancing a culture of philanthropy in Will County.