To PROMOTE philanthropy, CONNECT donors to community needs, and BUILD partnerships to improve the quality of life in our region.




To be the leading facilitator of philanthropy in our community and a resourceful leader in making a difference through effective community investing.


Our Strategic plan is built on three key priorities that meet our mission:

1. Building awareness regionally to advance a Culture of Philanthropy throughout Will County.

2. Raising the “right kinds” of funds to both sustain ourselves and achieve our grant-making mission without being in competition with those we serve.

3. Service, professional development, building partnerships and referrals with community stakeholders who are aligned with our mission.


Priority I: Communicating our mission to advance a Culture of Philanthropy throughout Will County
Rationale: Will County is comprised of multiple geographic regions with strong independent identities, infrastructure and sense of “community.” People also belong to a variety of groups that are relationally-based, and which are valued and cherished.

These groups have shown generosity in supporting the causes which benefit their “community.”
To advance philanthropy across Will County, we must work to reach as many groups to communicate and build relationships that reflect an understanding of that community.

Priority II: Strategically target fundraising to build the non-profit sectors’ sustainability while supporting our mission
Rationale: Funding agencies that align with our mission and seek sustainability, at the conclusion of that grant, will result in an organization that is stronger in focus and finances in five years.

Priority III: Service to the community
Rationale: The multi-faceted work of a community foundation creates a variety of constituent groups and investors. With each group there are different ways of engaging them, which results in a unique set of needs for service within each group.


How Will You Be Remembered?

Unless your last name is Kellogg, Ford, Rockefeller, Gates or Buffett,
you might assume you will have no legacy. However, you don’t have to be
a millionaire to leave something that will make a difference for generations
to come right here in your own community. The Community Foundation of Will
County provides a way for donors from all walks of life to give back to
people in Will County and beyond.