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We are here to help you help your clients.

Because the simple desire to give back can quickly become complex, the Community Foundation of Will County offers tools to help.

Maximizing federal and state tax benefits, reducing costs and administrative burdens–our staff works alongside you to achieve each client’s unique charitable goals.

Tools Available

Attorneys, accountants, estate planners, wealth managers and other professional advisors can find personal services for charitable giving through the Community Foundation of Will County.

Consultation Services

We work with you and your client to structure a giving plan that meets their unique financial and philanthropic goals. Our experienced gift planning staff can explain the benefits and provide sample gift calculations in confidence.

On-site presentations

We offer customized presentations by experts on tax and estate laws, charitable gift planning and other topics for individual professionals, groups or firms.


For further information insight into tax, gift and estate planning issues call the CFWC at 815.201.3700

Have Questions?

If you have questions about how we can help you reach your charitable goals contact:

Lisa Corrao
Executive Director
The Community Foundation of Will County
815.201.3700 x142



We work with donors to simplify their planning, maximize their generosity, and lessen tax burdens.


We work with Professional Advisors to enhance their services to Will County clients.


We work closely with Not-for-Profit agencies, grassroots organizations, and community stakeholders.